Creative Arts in the Preschool

Creative art is an important area of development of children in the Preschool. Teachers should play a significant role in teaching children creative arts. Children need to be taught how to use their senses and their creativity. As many learners today complain: ‘I am not creative’. Who is speaking life in that particular child life? The teacher can encourage those learners, and that start on a young age.

The research proposed that when learners are exposed to a fine art setting, it inspires “domain intrinsic knowledge”. (Garvis, 2012, p. 87). The knowledge is beneficial for the years in the foundation phase. Preschool in South Africa is for four- and five-years old children, called grade R and RR. Creative arts in school should be a mixed and diverse experience. To build up the child and to unlock the creativity of the children.

The article suggests that there is a belief that teachers should not hinder art-making development. The one side that is true, but we have to teach children specific skills to develop their motor skills. Children stay limited when they only follow the child`s imaginations, for example in music we use beats. Those skills we should teach children to use them, after the teaching the children can use it with their imagination.

Teachers are the book for the children, they learn from them. In this article, a study is done in schools in Australia, with the teachers in the preschool with a lot of experiences or little. Creative art was not a huge focus of the day, most of the day children were busy with literacy and numeracy. Music was only used by certain activities as greetings and break. Music has a great influence on children`s language (Aguirre et al., 2016, p. 178). That should be more part of creative arts in the preschool. With the focus on a specific theme, the teacher can implement creative arts in the lesson with literacy and numeracy.


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