Houses as theme

Page with hyperlinks for Preschool – Project Bases Learning.

Introduce various styles of houses:

Media internet/ video

– Woodhouses, Apartments, houses on stilts in water, igloos, big, beautiful houses and poor houses. 

Ask relevant questions to stimulate further thinking

Why are we living in a house?

What kind of house do you live in?

Who is building the house?

  • Play: Block play: build houses, many Pinterest ideas for playing with blocks.

There are many benefits of playing with blocks. Block play helps in the development of the child. By building a tower the child needs mathematics, and problem-solving (Rasmuson, 2019, p. 7), and various other advantages.

  • Modelling clay/ playdough. make a clay house with a strong roof. 
  • Lesson plan for children in the Preschool play with clay:
  • Drawing: Draw your own house or your dream house  

  • Story: 3 little pigs

  • Drama: act out 3 little pigs
  • Music: Wise man builds his house on the Rock.


Make a picture of the 3 little pigs using the different materials. children should be able to cut and paste (straw/ grass, sticks and papers for bricks – cut themselves.) the materials to make 3 different houses for the 3 pigs. 


Rasmuson, K. (2019). Influences of Block Play on Academic Learning in Preschool. 45.

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