Planets as a theme (Music and Art)

Page with hyper links for Intermediate phase – project-based learning.

Instruction music: Gustav Holst

With instruments:

Different types of instruments in Mercury:

Two piccolos, two flutes, two oboes, an English horn, bass oboe, two clarinets in A, a clarinet in B flat, a B flat bass clarinet, three bassoons, a double bassoon, four F horns, two C trumpets, timpani, a celesta, two harps, violins, violas, cellos, and double basses.

Lesson plan:

Lesson plan: The planets project

Creative Arts

Learners create the planets, where Gustav Holst wrote music about, in scale. They do not create the sun that is impossible because of the size. Different groups can be made, it depends on the size of the planet.

Online lessons:

Video Solar system:

Solar system explained:

Website NASA:

The sizes of the planets in our solar system:

  • Mercury        = 4878 KM
  • Mars             = 6794 KM
  • Venus           = 12104 KM
  • Earth            = 12756 KM
  • Neptune        = 48400 KM
  • Uranus          = 52000 KM
  • Saturn          = 120000 KM
  • Jupiter          = 142800 KM

Lesson plans:

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