Privacy Policies (Polisis)

This website gives you an indication of what websites and apps are saying about their privacy policies. It is not the whole policy, but the main points are given. is a system for visualising privacy policies that use machine learning.

For example, Discord privacy policy. The first page, the summary, shows the “What’s positive” and “What to watch for?” points. As one of the positive points is that there is a special section for respecting children’s privacy. One of the negative points is that the app can collect information for marketing/ advertising reasons. The website shows and explains privacy information that the app collects and shares through graphics with many other pages. On the last page, the reader can ask questions. At the right top of the website, there is a direct link to the website of Discord with the privacy information.

The website is helpful because privacy policies are enormous with all the statements that are almost impossible to read all the information in the policy. This website makes sure that the reader reads the essential information. It makes it much easier and worthy to read the policy.

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