Discord is a (Voice over Internet Protocol) VoIP, a social media, whereby there are different channels wherein you can collaborate and share information about a specific topic.

Discord allows members to message each other. Each group is called a ‘server’. The servers are filled with text channels, where you can talk to other people, sending voice notes, share videos, images, music, and more.  

For educational purposes, the teachers can create a server for their subject. With different channels. Whereby information can be shared with the learners. Differentiate learning can be done quickly by providing different ways of sharing information with the learners.

As I made a server for Creative Arts. The focus of the server is to inform the learners about Gustav Holst. They have to listen to the music Gustav made for each planet and discuss the provided questions. In the first section, information, I placed the welcome and rules, announcements, and resources. In the second section, text channels, I shared the questions, answers-questions, and off-topic discussion. Learners are welcome to participate in the meeting rooms.

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