Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform. It is used as educational technology in schools. Teachers design multiple-choice questions that can be accessed through a web browser or the Kahoot app. The teacher can evaluate learners’ knowledge about a specific topic as a formative assessment and a tool to step away from traditional classroom activities.

The teacher is running a projector with the lobby screen. Learners are logging in with a specific code, and they have to fill in their nicknames. Then the questions are presented on the lobby screen, and the learners should answer on their phones. When all the questions have been responded to, the teacher can download the results.

The article shows the guidance and instructions of Kahoot! precisely needs.

Kahoot & the SAMR Model

Substitution: Students contribute in a Kahoot quiz to answer questions at the end of an item instead of using a traditional paper test.

Augmentation: Kahoot acts as a direct tool additional to a formative assessment, with practical advances such as adding video and images in a quiz to add to the learner’s knowledge and reach different learning styles.

Modification: Learner’s access pre-designed Kahoot quizzes designed by others to build into their knowledge.

Redefinition: Kahoot allows the participation of an unlimited number of learners in a quiz in real-time.

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