South West Grid for Learning (SWGFL). Safe, secure and Online, are the main points of the business. SWGFL is a charity dedicated to allowing the safe and secure use of technology through advanced services, content, tools and policy. The main focus for the website is the Unites Kingdom, but they want to reach out globally.

The charity offers programs for education with online safety products.

Reputation alerts. An alert when the school is mentioned online.

Assisted monitoring. An online software solution to help schools monitor their students’ behaviours when surfing the internet.

Whisper anonymous reporting tool. Anonymous reporting empowers the community to speak up free.

Swiggle.org.uk – child-friendly search. Swiggle is a child-friendly search engine designed to help young students with their first steps on the internet.

EdifyLearn. Online safety skills for digitally competent schools.

There are further advice and guidance for school and teachers on protecting and securing personal data on the website. On this link, the website is explaining in 9 links how to react to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is the law in the European Union but applicable for us with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act) in South Africa. SWGFL provides guidance for the schools, with plenty of different articles about diverse topics that can help schools with safe learning environments.

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