I Wonder Why Satellites Send Signals

I Wonder Why Satellites Send Signals and other questions about communication

Written by Richard Mead

Stage 3  |  32 pages

Publisher: Kingfisher | ISBN 978-0753414095.

(Mead, 2006)

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What to expect: short stories, facts, communication.

The book is about communication. With different short stories, the writers’ aim is that children read interesting books, with a lot of pictures. The book is full of facts as it starts with the purpose of communication. It also explains communication between animals with fun facts. Some fun facts are not true in our Christian beliefs. Those are good opportunities for teachers to discuss with the students. Grade 5 should be able to read this book. Grade 4 students should be able to comprehend the stories while someone is guiding the student.

Children spend a lot of time using communication. Some are interested in how it works. The stories are written in a sizeable front. Each page has pictures and explanations about the specific topics. 

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