I Won`t Forget You

I Won’t Forget You

Text: Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

Illustrations: Martha Fabrega

Stage 1  |  31 pages

Publisher: Struik | ISBN 978-1-77007-495-8

(Moore-Mallinos & Fabrega, 2007a)

What to expect: picture book, loss, friendship.

The book is about Jake the dog, and a boy. The books start with a question to children. “Do you have a pet now, or did you have one before?” The boy describes his dog, that it died, their friendship, the activities they did together. At the end of the story, the boy meets a new friend, Lucas, remembering Jake but also playing and spending time with the new dog.

This book is excellent for grade 2. Learners will be able to read along with the story and comprehend it. The book is a tool to initiate conversation and stimulate communication between the parent or teacher and the child. It teaches the child that feeling sad is okay when their best friend passes away. It also recognizes the love of a new pet. The death of a pet is often students first experience with mortality. Students need to know how to handle those feelings and grief. This children`s book is an excellent tool for that. Notes for parents and teachers are included.

The book is written in a series of “Let’s Talk About It”, readers with a specific theme to help and guide parents and teachers. Topics include divorce, stepfamilies, having an operation, adoption, and talking about discipline. All those topics are relevant for teachers and parents in South Africa. Books are also available in Afrikaans.

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