Kit`s Castle

Kit’s Castle

Written by Chris Powling

Illustrated by Anthony Lewis

Stage 2  |  46 pages

Publisher: Macmillan Children’s books | ISBN 978-0-330-51692-1.

(Powling, 2009)

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What to expect: Adventure, dreams, friendship, castle.

The book is about Kit and Anna building a sandcastle by the sea. The book has three sequence chapters. In the first chapter, Kit makes the castle and explains the different parts that belong to a castle. This book is excellent for teaching vocabulary on the theme of castles. In the second chapter, Kit starts dreaming of being the King of the castle. In the last third chapter, Kit asks Anna if she wants to share the castle. Then they find out that on the beach is a competition for building castles. Both win the prize of visiting a real castle. That is a dream that comes true.

The focus of the book is on literacy with students learning new words. This book can be used in grade 3. Students need to listen well and comprehend the story. The teacher can use the book to ask questions for comprehension. Teachers could introduce the new vocabulary, such as a moat, battlements, and drawbridge using the pictures in the book or discussion with the students, allowing them to learn the definitions of the words. Reading this story would allow students to build on their vocabulary, which is one of the literacy learning objectives in grade three (South Africa & Department of Basic Education, 2011, p. 108).

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