Lamb says Boo!

Lamb says Boo!

Written by Katherine Sully

Illustrated by Gail Yerril

Stage 1  |  24 pages.

Publisher: Alligator Products | ISBN 978-0-85726-043-7.

(Sully, 2018)

What to expect: Friendship, animals, inclusivity.

The book is about different animals in the farmyard. Quiet Lamb is the main character. Other characters are Piglet, Goat, Foal and Calf. Quiet Lamb is always left behind when the others are playing their noisy games. One day, they talk about Quiet Lamb and state that Lamb will never say Boo to a goose. The question is will Lamb say Boo? This book is excellent for stage 1. The focus of the book is on comprehension instead of literacy, with more illustrations than text. The children will enjoy the book because of the funny language and noises that the animals are making.

The book uses many adjectives, which is introduced in grade 2. The book can be used as an extension when learners leave a learner out of the group, and how that person can feel excluded. The book focuses on how classmates can include each other and play agreeable games.

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