Little Mouse`s Rescue

Little Mouse`s Rescue

Written by Ariane Chottin

Adapted by Patricia Jensen

Illustrated by Malgorzata Dzierzawska

Stage 1  |  18 pages

Publisher: The Reader’s Digest | ISBN 978-0-276-44236-0

(Chottin, 2004)

What to expect: Adventure, friendship, working together.

The book is about a little mouse who lives on a farm. The main character is Squeaky, with the other mice’ Max and Rosie. One day Squeaky tossed and turned, thinking about the delicious food still left in the kitchen. The greedy little mouse was hungry again. After sneaking away to eat, Squeaky fell asleep in his food, growing bigger and bigger overnight. In the morning, the other mice woke up and they found out that Squeaky was not with them. They found him sleeping, full of food and snoring. Max and Rosie and the others have to rescue Squeaky. Will they succeed? This book will keep the attention of the students. The story builds up and comes to a climax.

The focus of the book is on literacy, with students learning new words. This book can be used in grade 2. Students need to listen well and comprehend the story. The teacher can use the book to ask questions for comprehension. Teachers could introduce the new vocabulary, such as “Squeaky tossed and turned” using gestures or discussions with the students, allowing them to learn the definitions of the words. Reading this story will allow students to build on their vocabulary, which is one of the literacy learning objectives in grade two (South Africa & Department of Basic Education, 2011, p. 79).

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