My Grandparents are Special

My Grandparents are Special

Text: Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

Illustrations: Martha Fabrega

Stage 1  |  31 pages

Publisher: Struik | ISBN 978-1-77007-535-1

(Moore-Mallinos & Fabrega, 2007b)

What to expect: picture book, grandparents’ stories, activities, fun.

The book is also from the series “Let`s talk about it”. It highlights grandparents and visiting grandparents. Grandpa tells stories to the boy, racing on the bike, and Great-Grandma with aches and pains. This book is a tribute to all grandparents. The purpose of the book is to demonstrate the importance of grandparents in families. It allows discussion with the child or learner about why grandparents are special. The book further talks about the ageing process and the physical changes that take place include grey hair, wrinkly skin, losing eyesight, or hearing deterioration. It helps children to understand that grandparents cannot do everything that they want to do.

Children spend a lot of time with their grandparents, in South Africa, some are even staying with them because their parents are working. In class, this book can help the teacher in grade 2 to introduce the topic and have a discussion with the student. Most effective is to read the story out loud, higher grades should be able to read it on their own.

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