Planet Earth

Planet Earth

Writer: Martyn Bramwell

Stage 3  |  192 pages

Publisher: Kingfisher Books  |  ISBN 086272600 X

(Bramwell, 1991)

What to expect: Pictures, facts, short stories.

The book explains a lot of different facts about planet Earth. On each page are a title, picture and short text. This is an excellent book for learners that do not like reading, especially boys. It provides facts and will stimulate their interest in planets. The book can be used as an addition to the curriculum of Natural Science(South Africa & Department of Basic Education, 2011c).

Children spend a lot of time thinking about how the earth functions, and whether there is more life on other planets. This book focuses on students that want to read about the planet and forces of nature. Simple language helps make complex language assessable for the students.

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