Ten Boys who Changed the World

Ten Boys who Changed the World      

Writer: Irene Howat

Stage 3  |  160 pages

Publisher: Christian Focus Publications  |  ISBN 1-85792-579-3

(New) Publisher: CF4Kids  |  978-1857925791

(Howat, 2010)

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What to expect: Christian, stories, non-fiction, miracles, missionaries.

  • Brother Andrew, smuggled Bible with the miracle car into communist countries.
  • John Newton, nurtured by a Christian mother and later was captain of slave ships, became an abolitionist.
  • Billy Graham, an evangelist, brought a lot of people to the Lord
  • Eric Liddel, his two great passions were his faith in the Lord Jesus and his running.
  • William Carey, a missionary in India.
  • David Livingstone, a doctor and missionary in Africa.
  • Nicky Cruz, gang leader, changed through Jesus’ love, evangelist in Puerto Rice.
  • Adoniram Judson, Missionary in Burma.
  • George Muller, opened a small orphan home, then another, then a third. God always took care and provided through miracles food and clothes.
  • Luis Palau, an evangelist.

Ten different stories about how God works in the life of man. Learners from grades 5 and 6 can read this book. After each story, there is some extra information as facts, keynotes, a prayer, and something to think about. The book works well for learners to hear that God is working in people’s lives and introduces them to reading more about missionaries. Students in the Intermediate Phase need to read short stories, this book can be included for the boys (South Africa & Department of Basic Education, 2011b, p. 15).

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