Ten Girls who Changed the World

Ten Girls who Changed the World

Writer: Irene Howat

Stage 3  |  160 pages

Publisher: Christian Focus Publications  |  ISBN 1-85792-649-8

(New) Publisher: CF4Kids  |  978-1857926491

(Howat, 2004)

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What to expect: Christian, stories, non-fiction, miracles, missionaries.

  • Isobel Kuhn, after years she started trusting and believing in God, heard a missionary speak about his work with the Lisu people in China.
  • Elizabeth Fry, worked with sick, prisoners and homeless people.
  • Amy Carmichael, missionary in India.
  • Gladys Aylward, missionary in China.
  • Mary Slessor, an English lady, moved to Nigeria and learned the local language of the Efik people. She told them Bible stories, and some of the people believed them.
  • Catherine Booth, started the Salvation Armor and took care of the poor and needy, sharing the good news about Jesus in one hand and soup and warm clothes in the other.
  • Jackie Pullinger, a missionary in Hong Kong.
  • Evelyn Brand, missionary in India.
  • Joni Eareckson Tada, helped people with disabilities. Counting blessings that made her heart sing.
  • Corrie Ten Boom lived in the Netherlands until the Nazis started killing the Jews. Corrie Ten Boom protected many Jews from the Nazis and put her own life in danger.

Ten different stories about how God works in girls. Learners from grades 5 and 6 can read this book. After each story, there is some extra information as facts, keynotes, a prayer, and something to think about. The book works well for learners to hear that God is working in people’s lives and introduces them to reading more about missionaries. Students in the Intermediate Phase need to read short stories, this book can be included for the girls (South Africa & Department of Basic Education, 2011b, p. 15).

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