The Clever Lion King

The Clever Lion King

Writer: Justyna D. Waclawik

Illustrator: Jakub Kuzma

Stage 1  |  48 pages

Publisher: Christian Art Kids  |  ISBN 978-1-4321-1104-5

(Waclawik, 2014)

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What to expect: Christian, picture book, illustrations, Fox, sharing.

This storybook is about a community of different animals: the wise old Lion, respected by the animals; the Squirrels, Donkey, Fox, and the Bee family are the other animals of the community. The winter is coming, and the wise old Lion called all the animals together. The squirrels need to gather nuts and seeds. Donkey`s responsibility is to bring hay, Fox was told to collect delicacies from the farms around the forest, and Bee and his family were in charge of bringing honey. Donkey and Fox are too lazy to do their job, but the others are working hard. Then the winter comes, and Donkey is kicked out of the community because he does not do his part. Fox offers to the community that they can store the food at his house, but steels the food and hide it and tells the community is it stolen. One night, Owl, who is alert at night, sees what Fox does and tells that to Lion.

Children enjoy the world of fables and stories in the animal world. Fables of animals allow teachers to develop student imagination effectively. Reading this story to learners will have a substantial impact, discussing the facts and aspects, asking them questions. At the end of the book, different Christian-based questions discuss the story and values we need in life.

This book can be read out loud to grade 2`s. This story is also written about how nature works with the pictures to clarify. Squirrels are always looking for nuts and seeds, and Bees are gathering and making honey. For grades 3 and 4, it should be a good reading book.

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