Engage in professional learning and improve practice (6.2.1).

6.2.1 Understand the relevant and appropriate sources of professional learning for teachers.

A website for teachers to stay UpToDate with different articles, research, and videos. The advantage is that various articles are available, focusing on education. Educators can put their research into action through independent reporting, detailed studies, original studies, or diverse perspectives and voices. The disadvantage is that the articles are not free, and a monthly fee of ten-dollar is needed. Schools can help and provide the papers for their educators to keep them UpToDate so that educators have access to practical knowledge and information.

A website with 20 helpful, professional development resources for educators. The writer Lucie Renard (2019) divided the resources into 6 categories. Professional development websites for educators about educational technology via social media, books for educators, videos for educators, and self-reflection resources. Professional development for educators is essential. The changes in technology are faster than the educational systems are changing. It is the educator’s responsibility to stay UpToDate. The key to that process is that educators need to be committed, which allows them to look from another perspective in the opinion of their own role and enable themselves to be transformed (Makovec, 2018). The factors that can change the part of the educator are interior and exterior. The first one is discussed as the teacher should be committed. The external factors are the stakeholders, such as students, parents, colleagues and the community (Makovec, 2018). Teachers are professionals, and teaching can become lonely. In other professions, colleagues are helping each other to grow, but educators need to train themselves. Different ways are available for educators to develop, through reading research, updating themselves in their subjects, pedagogical and psychological knowledge, and knowing their students. Together, the educator needs to take responsibility to grow and become an effective educationalist.

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