Engage with professional teaching networks and broader communities (7.4.1)

7.4.1 Understand the role of external professionals and community representatives in broadening teachers’ professional knowledge and practice.

Teachers are the school’s role models, and that influences the community. They must be trained in the different aspects and strategies of teaching. As engaging students, knowing the students in which culture and society they grow up. Conferences can be an essential tool for teachers to bond and be trained together.

As the school currently working, it is compulsory to attend the conference of a particular organisation. The school is connected with the organisation Association of Christian School International (ACSI). The organisation’s statement is that Christian schools are more potent together than nationwide and worldwide. The organisation’s focus is to bring school leaders together to share ideas, innovation, and inspiration. Teachers teach the students a Kingdom Worldview, and that new Christian leaders will stand up. The focus is on leaders of schools and the teachers, with conferences, workshops and zoom meetings. Teachers are more vital in various methods and practices in different schools to reach new generations.

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