Engage with the parents / carers (7.3.1).

7.3.1 Understand strategies for working effectively, sensitively and confidentially with parents/carers.

In the current school work, the school uses a system that gives the students merits and demerits. Those merits and demerits are also occurring on the report printed each term for the parents. The merit or demerit is given to the student through a document. The teacher fills in the form, and the learners sign it. Administration completes it on the system, and the parent will receive an SMS with an automatic explanation of what kind of merit or demerit is. It is a way to communicate with the parents that engage them in education.

Schools use these systems to have positive and negative reinforcement to discipline students. The demerit is given by not doing homework but also bullying. Each one has its own weighting. When a student receives several demerits, the student can be suspended or expelled from the school. Merits are also given to the students to compliment good behaviour, such as bringing assignments before the due date or good behaviour towards teachers. All the merits and demerits are only valued for one school year. Starting a new school year, the students begin with a clean slate.

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