Engage with the parents / carers (7.3.1 & 6.4.1).

7.3.1 Understand strategies for working effectively, sensitively and confidentially with parents/carers.

Starting with Google classroom to use an extension for my classroom. Students and parents can log in to the app/website. Every Friday, a post is available for the week’s work, and the projects for the term are public. Students can read before the assignment is due to ask specific questions closer to the end date.

Google Classroom is an extension of the classroom. The students should know the work. Google Classroom is helping them to remember, and extracurricular work can be added as a youtube video or extra notes when necessary. Both subjects currently taught are explained on Google Classroom.

6.4.1 Demonstrate an understanding of the rationale for continued professional learning and the implications for improved student learning.

Flipped Learning

Flipped learning helps teachers be more active in the classroom and focus on individual and group discussions. The content can be read at home or separate from the classroom. Covid-19 and technology have helped teachers be more digital about their approach to education. The lessons become a more student-centred approach, productive and enjoyable classroom. Google Classroom can be a valuable resource for introducing flipped classrooms. Assessments, videos, and articles can be shared with the students and parents. Guidance is needed when presenting the technology in the school and at home.

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