My Grandparents are Special

My Grandparents are Special Text: Jennifer Moore-Mallinos Illustrations: Martha Fabrega Stage 1  |  31 pages Publisher: Struik | ISBN 978-1-77007-535-1 (Moore-Mallinos & Fabrega, 2007b) What to expect: picture book, grandparents’ stories, activities, fun. The book is also from the series “Let`s talk about it”. It highlights grandparents and visiting grandparents. Grandpa tells stories to theContinue reading “My Grandparents are Special”

Ride a Cock-Horse

Ride a Cock-Horse Chosen by Sarah Williams Illustrated by Ian Beck Early Stage 1  |  48 pages Publisher: Oxford | ISBN 978-0-19-272375-8 (Williams, 1999) What to expect: songs, repetition, rhymes, short stories. The book includes different kinds of rhymes. They are arranged in four sections: “Knee-Jogging Rhymes”, “Bouncing and Dancing Rhymes”, “Patting and Clapping Rhymes”,Continue reading “Ride a Cock-Horse”

I Wonder Why Satellites Send Signals

I Wonder Why Satellites Send Signals and other questions about communication Written by Richard Mead Stage 3  |  32 pages Publisher: Kingfisher | ISBN 978-0753414095. (Mead, 2006) Buy the book. What to expect: short stories, facts, communication. The book is about communication. With different short stories, the writers’ aim is that children read interesting books,Continue reading “I Wonder Why Satellites Send Signals”

Little Mouse`s Rescue

Little Mouse`s Rescue Written by Ariane Chottin Adapted by Patricia Jensen Illustrated by Malgorzata Dzierzawska Stage 1  |  18 pages Publisher: The Reader’s Digest | ISBN 978-0-276-44236-0 (Chottin, 2004) What to expect: Adventure, friendship, working together. The book is about a little mouse who lives on a farm. The main character is Squeaky, with theContinue reading “Little Mouse`s Rescue”

Assessment and feedback and Technology?

Using Technology for Formative Assessment to Improve Students’ Learning The article focuses on the importance of technology in the classes but also the need for formative assessment. Formative assessments give the students feedback on their learning process. For the teachers, it shows their teaching effectiveness. Different technology is classroom response structures. The apps are providingContinue reading “Assessment and feedback and Technology?”