Privacy Policies (Polisis)

This website gives you an indication of what websites and apps are saying about their privacy policies. It is not the whole policy, but the main points are given. is a system for visualising privacy policies that use machine learning. For example, Discord privacy policy. The first page, the summary, shows the “What’s positive”Continue reading “Privacy Policies (Polisis)”

Planets as a theme (Music and Art)

Page with hyper links for Intermediate phase – project-based learning. Instruction music: Gustav Holst With instruments: Different types of instruments in Mercury: Two piccolos, two flutes, two oboes, an English horn, bass oboe, two clarinets in A, a clarinet in B flat, a B flat bass clarinet, three bassoons, a double bassoon, four F horns,Continue reading “Planets as a theme (Music and Art)”


God gave humankind creativity and imagination when God created Adam. God is our example, He created so many kinds of animals and plants, with all the different colour and shapes. Through sin that enters the world, we lost our pure imagination and creativity, wrong thoughts came also into our minds. Today our learners argues thatContinue reading “Creativity”