(Goal) Apply professional learning and improve student learning (6.4.1).

6.4.1 Demonstrate an understanding of the rationale for continued professional learning and the implications for improved student learning. Knowing the student is a substantial advantage for the teacher. Most of the time, the students’ background determines the behavioural outcome. The teachers will have more compassion when they know that the student comes from a complexContinue reading “(Goal) Apply professional learning and improve student learning (6.4.1).”

Creative Arts in the Preschool

Creative art is an important area of development of children in the Preschool. Teachers should play a significant role in teaching children creative arts. Children need to be taught how to use their senses and their creativity. As many learners today complain: ‘I am not creative’. Who is speaking life in that particular child life?Continue reading “Creative Arts in the Preschool”