Assessment and feedback and Technology?

Using Technology for Formative Assessment to Improve Students’ Learning The article focuses on the importance of technology in the classes but also the need for formative assessment. Formative assessments give the students feedback on their learning process. For the teachers, it shows their teaching effectiveness. Different technology is classroom response structures. The apps are providingContinue reading “Assessment and feedback and Technology?”

Classroom future

Classroom future (Groshell, 2017) The first article focuses on the classroom of the past and future. It asks why the classrooms look the same as the classes were in the past. The teacher has an instructional position in the class. Learners should listen and remember what the teacher is telling them. Later it changed aContinue reading “Classroom future” is an online learning platform. With plenty of open online courses for students and teachers. The website provides personalised learning and tools for teachers to engage their students in class and at home. The company is founded and based in California. The website provides mini-courses over 5-10 minutes animated video lessons. The studentsContinue reading “”

Does the Flipped Classroom Improve Student Learning and Satisfaction?

Does the Flipped Classroom Improve Student Learning and Satisfaction? “The flipped classroom is a teaching model that movesmost of the teacher-centred instruction out of the classroomto free up time in the classroom for more student-centredlearning activities” (Låg & Sæle, 2019, p. 1). When we discuss the use of technology in the classes, most articles discuss theContinue reading “Does the Flipped Classroom Improve Student Learning and Satisfaction?”