Creative Arts A

Creative Arts in the Preschool

Creative art is an important area of development of children in the Preschool. Teachers should play a significant role in teaching children creative arts. Children need to be taught how to use their senses and their creativity. As many learners today complain: ‘I am not creative’. Who is speaking life…

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Houses as theme

Page with hyperlinks for Preschool – Project Bases Learning. Introduce various styles of houses: Media internet/ video – Woodhouses, Apartments, houses on stilts in water, igloos, big, beautiful houses and poor houses.  Ask relevant questions to stimulate further thinking Why are we living in a house? What kind of house…

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Informal Assessment

“Purpose determines the content of the assessment” (Shepard et al., 1998, p. 6). Why do we need to test the knowledge of the student? What should be measured? The writers wrote a clear figure of the procedure for formal assessment. The assessment starts with identifying the appropriate task, with all…

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